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Frühling in den Gassen 28th & 29th of April 2018

You should take note of this: on the 28th and 29th of April, we celebrate "Frühling in den Gassen" ("Spring in the Alleys") for the second time, in our old house. On Saturday we start at 2:00 pm, from about 3:00 pm we offer live music in our yard.
Sunday we already start at 11:00 am, music starts around 1:00 pm. In addition to a selection of our wines, we offer you delicious, self-made appetizers.
We would be very happy about your visit. There is no entry fee - you can find more information about the festival, organized by many restaurants and wineries, on

Cabernet Sauvignon Rosé trocken

Cool Climate!

New Outfit for a New Rosé
We now also offer a great dry Rosé from the Redwine-Variety "Cabernet Sauvignon".

Most of it is produced from the Free-Run juice of the wine:
That way the redwine itself will get higher concentrated tannin-structure, and we are getting that great fresh rosé which only enjoyed 2-3 hours of skin contact, - plenty enough to show the typical characteristics you may expect from a true Cabernet.

Burg-Weinfest 26th - 30st of July 2018

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this is coming soon:
Starting on Thursday, 27th of July, till Monday, 31th of July, we plan to celebrate life at the NEULEININGER BURG-WEINFEST.
Check your calendar, mark it bold and colorfoul, take a few days off, take your friends with you or forget about them and find new ones right there, and celebrate the best time of the year together with us!

You can expect: the best (and most sympathic) live bands around, great wines and food from Neuleiningen,or simply: an original, stylish, and for sure very unique wine event.
We'd be very glad to have you!
More Infos about our unique event, organised by the 3 Winemakers in town, you'll find here